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We Can Repair Your Water Damaged Phone(s)!

If your cell phone is water damaged, the manufacturer warranty for your device may be voided (which sucks big time because it makes the repairing of your device a more frustrating process)!

Luckily for you, however, if you are in the possession of a water damaged cell phone, all hope is not lost!

Here at ApexCPR, we can repair your water damaged phone(s), offering you the chance to bring your device back from its death!

How can you tell if your phone is water damaged?

Most cell phones will feature a visual indicator if water damage occurs.

For example, depending on the model, iPhones will show a pink or red dot near the headphone jack, or near the sim card slot that is visible after removing the back cover of your device.

But just because a pink or red dot is not visible on your phone does not mean that your phone is not water damaged, however!

Some other signs of water damage include dead pixels, damaged backlights, water bubbles on a phone’s screen and more!

A word of caution – The longer you wait to repair a water damaged phone, the less chance you have of fully repairing your device.

So, if you think your cell phone may be water damaged, take action right away!

And when in doubt, let an ApexCPR technician diagnosis your problem for you…

We offer our customers:

  • Same day repairs
  • Easy and Affordable Payment Options
  • Free 6 Month Warranty on all Labor and Parts
  • No charges if we can’t repair your phone!
  • Much much more

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Here’s a little breakdown of the game-plan; EXACTLY what you should do. Remember, time is of the essence.
  • If the phone is ON, TURN IT OFF! Just do it. Water and electricity have never been too fond of each other, so give them some time apart.
  • Remove any case that you may have on it and remove the SIM card.
  • Dry it with a towel, and shake out excess water.