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Thanks to ApexCPR, Your Broken 
Laptop is Good for More Than Just Rust!

Does the cost of repairing your laptop cause you to cry yourself to sleep at night?

If so, here’s the good news…

Having your computer repaired by an ApexCPR technician can be less expensive than having your manufacturer repair your laptop, and here’s why…

Often times laptop manufacturers may try to force you to buy extra replacement parts, even if you don’t need them.

Here at ApexCPR, however, you pay only for the replacements or repairs that are essential, not the ones that are frivolous. 

Thus, by choosing ApexCPR to repair your broken laptop, you can actually save more with us than by using the repair centers which your laptop’s manufactures may offer you instead.

Here at ApexCPR, we offer you the following Laptop Repair Services:

Screen replacement

Battery replacement

Motherboard repair

Hardware repair or installation

Cracked or broken screen replacements

Broken parts and components repair

Webcam repair

Network card replacement

Malicious file removal

And much much more!

Don’t waste your time or money buying your Laptop again from scratch!

Just let one of our repair specialists repair your laptop back to what it was like when it was brand new instead.

All laptop repairs are backed by a six-month customer warranty, and if we can’t fix your issues, we won’t even charge you a penny!

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit one of our local centers in person, or book an appointment with one of our technicians by calling 1-844-446-6502 today!